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Below is a selection of articles from Vantage Partners on Supplier Relationship Management.
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What is Supplier Relationship Management and Why Does it Matter?
SRM is about the need to rigorously analyze when and how to leverage suppliers’ assets, capabilities, and knowledge as a source of competitive advantage; and the resultant need to view and manage supplier relationships as a strategic asset, as opposed to merely a cost center.  

The Changing View of Supplier Segmentation
Describes supplier segmentation as a strategy for effective supplier relationship management.

From Vendor to Partner
Reveals why and how leading companies collaborate with suppliers for competitive advantage.

Strategic supplier relationship management - a true source of competitive differentiation
Highlights the importance of strategic supplier relationship management. 

Transforming Trading Relationships into Partnerships
Global research reveals that a lack of alignment between customers and their most important suppliers is restricting long-term value creation.

Supplier Metrics That Matter
CPO article discussing performance measures to reflect the true value of the relationship with strategic suppliers.