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Extending the Vantage legacy of developing leaders, enhancing collaborations, and effecting change, we are proud and excited to announce that one of our founding partners, Jeff Weiss, has been named President of Lesley University, a leading school dedicated to providing transformational education, developing creative and innovative leaders, and effecting social justice.
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Alliance Callout


By working with Vantage, companies can maximize the performance of individual alliances, put under-performing alliances back on track, and ensure coordination and optimization of their entire alliance portfolio.
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SSM Call Out

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

We specialize in procurement and supply chain transformation, category strategy development, SRM program implementation, negotiation advice, and training for procurement leaders and professionals.
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Sales Advisory

Sales and Account Management

We help sales organizations develop and implement innovative methods for negotiating and collaborating with customers.
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Enterprise Learning

We work with organizations to create and deliver highly interactive, experiential learning strategies that translate into real, measurable business results and are aimed at developing employees’ abilities in the most fundamental and critical areas of business relationship management.
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Vantage in HBR


Vantage in Harvard Business Review

HBR Guide to NegotiatingHBR Guide to Negotiating now in Paperback by Jeff Weiss.

HBR Video:  Jeff Weiss Offers Tips and Advice on Negotiating


Sales study imageVantage's Pricing Study highlighted in HBR's January 2015 Issue


Recent Publications

  • Alliance Management Required: The Unique Alliance Management Needs of Pharma Option Deals


    As pharmaceutical and mid-sized biotech companies increasingly seek to enhance their pipelines through externalized relationships, the option deal—typically with a smaller biotech—has become an increasingly popular contract structure.

  • Managing Difficult Conversations


    Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of work life (and personal life) — addressing poor performance, arguing over budget allocation, project planning across functions when there is disagreement on approach, saying “no” to a colleague, informing a customer of a delayed delivery — the list is endless.

  • Managing Difficult Customer Tactics: Threatening to Go to a Competitor


    Perhaps one of the most common tactics sales people encounter when negotiating with customers is threatening to switch business to a competitor if they don’t get what they want; usually a discount, but can also be changing other business terms in some way.

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