Spotlight on the New Alliance Launch Process

Stuart Kliman

Throughout 2013 Vantage Partners will be focusing our efforts on providing our alliance management colleagues with an in-depth, comprehensive look at key aspects of a process whose success is central to enabling effective execution on every alliance  - the New Alliance Launch.  To kick off-this effort, Stu Kliman, leader of Vantage's Alliance Management Practice, will begin this webinar by providing a high-level overview of the process and its purposes. Mr. Kliman will then share often overlooked but key aspects of a successful alliance launch,  including the importance of:

  1. Early recognition of the need for a comprehensive process, facilitation of alignment thereto and detailed deliverable planning
  2. Clearly defined and fully engaged launch leadership
  3. The chartering process and associated deliverables
  4. Skills training, communication, and incentives


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