conferenceTuesday, June 23-25, 2020

2020 ASAP Global Alliance Summit: Now Virtual

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Due to health concerns the conference organizers have decided to switch this event to a virtual model.

Vantage Partners leads three sessions at the June 23-25, 2020 ASAP Global Alliance Summit. Vantage is pleased to again be a Platinum Sponsor of the event.

To learn more and register for this year’s Summit, visit Use Discount Code ‘sum20sponpar‘ to receive an additional 30% discount courtesy of Vantage Partners.

Vantage will lead three sessions:

  • “Managing Power Imbalances: How to Navigate Partnerships between Large and Small Organizations,” a panel discussion moderated by Jessica Wadd, partner at Vantage Partners [LEARN MORE]
  • “Alliance Management Skill-Building: Case Studies Across Industries,” led by Jessica Wadd and Ben Siddall [LEARN MORE]
  • “Big Pharma M&A and Alliance Portfolios: What’s at the End of the Rainbow?,” a panel discussion moderated by Adam Kornetsky, engagement leader at Vantage Partners [LEARN MORE]


Managing Power Imbalances: How to Navigate Partnerships between Large and Small Organizations
Moderated by Jessica Wadd, Partner, Vantage Partners

Partnerships between large organizations and smaller firms can generate massive value, but often bring unique management challenges. Differently sized firms confront other differences—in perceived and real power, culture, processes, appetite for risk, execution speed, and autonomy. In a discussion moderated by Vantage’s Jessica Wadd, partnering leaders from large and small pharmaceutical and technology companies share their experiences and insights from different sides of so-called “David and Goliath” alliances. Panelists include:

Big Pharma—Steve Pessagno is Head of Global Alliance Management Operations at GSK
Small Pharma—Troy Windt is head of global alliances and external relations for Reata Pharmaceuticals in Plano, Texas
Large Tech—Joy Wilder Lybeer is SVP enterprise alliances and leads a portfolio of businesses for Equifax: enterprise alliances, connector partners, inside enterprise sales and its insurance vertical
Small Tech—Amy Walraven is president, chief strategy officer, and founder of Humaitrix

Join these experienced leaders from firms on both ends of the spectrum for a conversation about lessons learned regarding:

  • How do you identify the right structure to enable success, and those that look good on paper but will inevitably hinder execution?
  • What are the common, but unrealistic expectations for these partnerships – and how do you overcome them?
  • How does your approach to these partnerships need to differ from other collaborations?
  • How do you know when to walk away?


Alliance Management Skill-Building: Case Studies Across Industries
Presented by Jessica Wadd and Ben Siddall, Partners, Vantage Partners

While it’s no secret that skill-building is a critical component of an alliance management capability, many alliance management functions fail to implement a skill-building program that is right-sized and designed according to the specific needs, structure, and maturity of their partnering organization. The options are numerous—digital learning modules, in-person training courses of differing lengths and formats, manager-to-employee coaching, peer-to-peer learning groups, etc. So, how do you know what is right for your organization?  Where should you invest your resources and your team’s time?  How can you maximize the value of your investment in skill-building?

During this session, Vantage Partners will share multiple case studies of designing fit-for-purpose training programs to build alliance management competency in organizations of very different maturities.  The organizations featured in the case studies come from different industries and have alliance management teams that are structured differently; each has created its own distinct career development pathways.

Conference attendees will walk away from this session understanding:

  1. Key design considerations for an alliance management skill-building program
  2. The various skill-building options available to meet their team’s needs
  3. Best practices for ensuring skill-building programs lead to impactful, sustained learning


Big Pharma M&A and Alliance Portfolios: What’s at the End of the Rainbow?
Adam Kornetsky, Engagement Leader, Vantage Partners

Mark Coflin, VP, Head of Global Alliance Management, Takeda
Dana Hughes, VP of Integration Management and Alliance Management
Jeff Hurley, Senior Director Global Alliance Management Lead, Takeda
Chris Urban, Executive Director, Alliance Management and Acquisition Integration, Amgen

The most recent decade in Big Pharma was marked by a dizzying array of deals, mergers, and acquisitions.  Companies of all sizes have participated in the deal-making, including some of the biggest names in the industry.  In virtually all cases, acquisition of technologies, platforms, and assets was a key driver for the transaction.

Additionally, many of these deals have included assets or technologies that were involved in formal alliances in one way or another.  For transactions involving the acquisition or merger of large-cap biopharma companies, whole portfolios of alliances across multiple therapeutic areas, stages of development, and commercial geographies have been involved.  Though not necessarily the top strategic driver for specific acquisitions, alliance portfolios should be viewed as containing value that is unique and different from the sum total of each individual alliance.

How are alliance portfolios contemplated within large-scale M&As? What strategic considerations are evaluated by acquirers?  By the acquired?  How is the value of the alliance portfolio characterized and communicated?  What considerations must be taken by acquirers and the acquired regarding the alliance partners?

These three long-time ASAP members will share their recent M&A experiences and provide insight into how portfolios of alliances have been managed through the transaction process and engage participants in sharing additional perspectives critical for unlocking and maximizing the full value of an alliance portfolio.

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