webinarThursday, July 16, 2020

Coopetition with Customers

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JULY 16, 2020
11am EDT

Coopetition – i.e., collaboration with another company while simultaneously competing with them – is increasingly pervasive with many business partners, including strategic customers.  Unfortunately, many organizations fail to capitalize on opportunities and/or incur unnecessary risk because they don’t employ effective strategies for managing coopetition.  According to our research, 30% of respondents say their companies are “very effective” at managing coopetition, 49% say they’re “somewhat effective,” and 10% say they are “not effective.”  Another 10% report that their companies do not engage in coopetition.

How do sales professionals stack up? For a start, they are almost twice as likely as their buy-side counterparts to say their companies compete with business partners “a great deal.”  Join Vantage Partners’ Jessica Wadd and Ben Siddall on July 16 to learn more about how sales professionals experience coopetition, strategies for managing it, and its impact on performance.

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