Conference September 28-October 1, 2021

HR Technology Conference & Exposition


As the industry’s leading independent event for 20+ years, HR Tech will deliver another unrivaled cutting-edge agenda that will benefit HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes, all industries and across the globe! With a primary focus on driving HR success through technology, the HR Technology Conference is intended for those looking to continuously optimize usage of current HR systems as well as those looking to buy. It’s where you’ll gain the insight needed to make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while supporting your organization’s unique needs now and in the future.

Vantage Partners is pleased to be presenting two separate sessions at this year's event:

Managing Coopetition in the Complex HR Technology Ecosystem

According to our research, three quarters of companies compete with their partners “some” (39%) or “a great deal” (36%). Further, companies expect partnerships with competitors to be a significant driver of growth. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to maximize value from their partnerships and/or incur unnecessary risk because they fail to employ effective strategies for managing coopetition – that is, collaborating with companies with whom they also compete.

In this event, we’re bringing together executives in HR Technology for a conversation about how companies thrive (or don’t) in the evolving ecosystem by effectively navigating coopetition.


Finding Customers: Optimizing Direct and Indirect Sales

Now more than ever, B2B customers are insisting on more choices in the purchase of technology solutions – including range of offerings available and flexibility in where, when, and how to purchase them. While nearly two-thirds of businesses rely on distribution and channel partners to meet these needs, studies show that many companies are struggling to manage and optimize partner efforts with their own, resulting in longer sales cycles, lower conversion rates, and potentially, significantly less revenue. Join Vantage Partners’ Jessica Wadd as she shares best practices for aligning direct and indirect sales strategies.



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