virtualNovember 9-11, 2020

SAMA 2020 Annual Conference

Vantage Partners is honored to take part in the SAMA 2020 Annual Conference, joining the world’s largest community of strategic account managers, SAM program leaders and senior sales executives for more than 25 sessions featuring live chat and Q&A, post-session speaker roundtables, virtual networking events and customizable one-on-one workshops.

Jonathan Hughes, partner at Vantage Partners, will be participating in a panel discussion: 

Separating Negotiation Fact From Fiction: Key Insights for SAMs 

The more knowledgeable SAMs are about the realities of successful negotiation, the more effective they will be in leading their teams in pursuing the right tactics at the right time to achieve the best possible outcome. This session will address myths and realities of negotiation.

We’re all operating in a competitive world where customers have options as to which companies to partner with. Strategic account management aims to deliver differentiated solutions and innovation to customers through closer collaboration. SAMs have to navigate among the key stakeholders at a customer, which includes identifying who they are and determining how to access them. The customer decision-making process can be complicated, and the more you know about the players and their motivations, the better equipped you can be to engage and negotiate with them.

There’s an art and science to creating an effective strategy and tactics, and central to this is understanding how principles of negotiation can work. The panelists in this session will share their experiences and insights on negotiation, lessons learned and best practices to achieve the best outcomes. We’ll also share highlights from recent research completed by Vantage on buying and selling behaviors, as well as negotiation lessons from their work with the U.S. Army and Navy SEALs.

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