virtualNovember 24-25, 2020

Smart Procurement World INDABA

Vantage Partners is proud to be participating in this year’s virtual Smart Procurement World INDABA conference.  This terrific event brings together:

  • 500+ delegates
  • 1000+ buyers
  • 100+ industry experts
  • 3200+ attendees

Vantage’s Jonathan Hughes will deliver two talks on the conference’s theme, “Rands vs. Sense” – a call for procurement to focus on value rather than cost-cutting.

First, on November 24th, Jonathan will lead a breakout session with CPOs on: Navigating Turbulent Times: How Procurement Organizations Can Prepare for and Excel Through Future Uncertainty

It’s no secret that the new coronavirus, COVID-19, has severely disrupted global economic activity. But COVID-19 is only the tip of an iceberg: the future outlook is clouded by geopolitical tensions between China and the U.S., and an ongoing populist backlash in many countries against globalization has stoked concerns about the security and resiliency of global supply chains. However, not all news is bad: AI and other new digital technologies offer the potential to transform procurement and supply management. In this breakout session with leading CPOs, Vantage Partner’s Jonathan Hughes will explore the unprecedented period of strategic risk – but also opportunity – that we find ourselves in. Through case studies from leading organizations and Vantage Partner’s latest research, Jon will lead the conversation on how organizations can be prepared – no matter what the future holds.

On November 25th, Jonathan will close the conference and deliver an International Keynote on: The Rands and Sense of Procurement’s Real Value

How can procurement professionals deliver, and demonstrate, value beyond cost savings? In this 20-minute keynote presentation, Vantage Partner’s Jonathan Hughes will discuss how procurement professionals can deliver a competitive advantage –  by leveraging their unique position and expertise – to increase supplier innovation and reduce supply chain risks, and ultimately to protect, and increase, company revenue. Measuring such value is not easy, but it is possible.  Join us, as Jonathan will share best practices on how to effectively build and demonstrate procurement value from over 25 years of working with leading procurement organizations around the world.

We hope to see you there!

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