webinarThursday, April 9, 2020

Sourcing Innovation: the Next Wave of Value

Vantage is pleased to present this webinar in conjunction with the Institute of Supply Management.

Procurement is, in many ways, a victim of its own success. Many years of strategic sourcing have enabled companies to maximize purchasing leverage based on total spend, resulting in a consolidated supply base, operating with profit margins kept in check by competitive pressure.

In other words, the low-hanging fruit has been picked. So what will drive the next wave of value? Fundamentally, we believe it is innovation—not just in product design, but also in business models, manufacturing and business processes, and in the capture and use of myriad data sources for risk mitigation, preventative maintenance, demand forecasting, and supply chain optimization.

In this webinar, we will explore how companies can re-balance their strategic focus to put more emphasis on joint innovation with suppliers, and case studies of organizations that have succeeded in this new procurement paradigm, as well as recent cross-industry benchmarking research.

Jonathan Hughes is a Partner at Vantage Partners, where his work focuses on supply chain management, complex negotiations, strategic alliances, and organizational transformation. He has worked with leading global companies and state-owned enterprises across a range of industries, to develop and implement new strategies that leverage enhanced collaboration- across internal organizational boundaries, and with external business partners. Jonathan’s experience includes strategic and transformational work at both an enterprise and functional level, with a focus on sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management organizations.

Jonathan has had multiple articles published in both the Harvard Business Review and in CPO Agenda, as well as articles in various supply chain and outsourcing publications.

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