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Virtual Thursday, September 12, 2024

Open Enrollment: The Extraordinary Presenter Essentials

The Extraordinary Presenter-04

We are pleased to offer a one-day virtual session on this popular topic.

Thursday, September 12th

The Extraordinary Presenter Essentials, one of our most-requested topics, provides the opportunity for participants to learn fundamental skills and techniques for delivering powerful and persuasive presentations in any environment.

These are skills extraordinary presenters use to successfully communicate new strategies, advance innovative ideas, and close business deals.

Key Topics include:

  • Understand what it takes to truly be heard by others in this multi-tasking world
  • Get clear and specific about presentation goals and personal brand
  • Understand and practice the behavioral nuances of executive presence
  • Analyze listeners' needs and anticipate their "care abouts"
  • Develop an engaging, listener-focuses opening
  • Create clear, concise content, linked to key audience "care-abouts"
  • Close with a strong point of view and call to action
  • Create a personal action plan for continued practice, help, and coaching

This virtual workshop is divided into two sections, both delivered on the same day:

  1. Opening Workshop 8:00-10:30am PDT (11:00-1:30pm EDT)
  2. Practice and coaching labs (You will be assigned to one lab during the opening workshop)
    • 11:30-1pm PDT (2:30-4pm EDT)
    • 1:30-3pm PDT (4:30-6pm EDT)
    • 3:30-5pm PDT (6:30-8pm EDT)
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