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Vantage Partners helps our clients solve critical business challenges—especially those that cross organizational silos and span industry ecosystems—and deliver transformative results. And we design and deliver learning programs that help organizations enhance the skills and effectiveness of their people.

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Explore our library of insights, which includes foundational writing on negotiation published in Harvard Business Review, as well as our latest thinking on alliances and partnerships, change management, sourcing and supply management, and other critical areas of business strategy and tactics.

Back to the Future: F2F is Coming Back, but Virtual is Here to Stay

When Vantage polled more than 100 salespeople and sales executives at the height of the pandemic, fewer than one in three said they expected to return to pre-COVID levels of in-person sales activities. This means that customer-facing teams need to continue to up their virtual game, even as they learn to strike the optimal balance between virtual and in-person engagement.

Harvard Business Review: What's Your Negotiation Strategy?

What happens when “dealmakers find themselves in complex negotiations with higher stakes”? Partners Jonathan Hughes and Danny Ertel identify the key strategic principles negotiators should apply to complex deals.

Soft Skills, Adaptive Leaders

How can organizations, and their leaders at every level, pivot in turbulent times while keeping their North Star in sight? Amidst uncertainty and accelerating change, learning and leadership development professionals have a clear agenda—to cultivate the “soft” yet enduring skills of adaptive leadership.

Sloan Management Review: Competition from the Inside Out

How will you manage internal competition? Will you try to minimize it — and lose its power to stimulate innovation? Will you let it run rampant and become a divisive force that hampers collaboration?

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