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We help companies align transformational strategies with the power of collaboration

Align & Advance

Vantage Partners helps our clients solve critical business challenges—especially those that cross organizational silos and span industry ecosystems—and deliver transformative results. And we design and deliver learning programs that help organizations enhance the skills and effectiveness of their people.

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Insights and Highlights

Explore our library of insights, which includes foundational writing on negotiation published in Harvard Business Review, as well as our latest thinking on alliances and partnerships, change management, sourcing and supply management, and other critical areas of business strategy and tactics.

Sales and Account Management Academy

Create value for customers. Increase revenue while protecting and improving margins. With a global faculty and tailored approach, the Vantage Academy enhances skills that delivery competitive advantage.

How an Insurer Put the Heart into Member Service

Changing how members relate to their health insurer by changing how a health insurer relates to its members. See how we helped one client break the cycle of service frustration.

Supply Management Academy

A practical, comprehensive and real-world Academy tailored to each organization and taught by a global faculty. Vantage's best practices and frameworks are tailored to each client, and we continually assess learning and measure business impact.

Meet A Few of the Instructors on Our Global Delivery Team

Our instructors are based around the globe and come from diverse cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds. They're united by their ability to tailor learning to individual client contexts and participant learning needs. Meet a few of them, and learn more about our global delivery presence, in this short video.

Align and Advance

See how we can help you move forward.

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