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Explore our library of insights, which includes foundational writing on negotiation published in Harvard Business Review, as well as our latest thinking on alliances and partnerships, change management, sourcing and supply management, and other critical areas of business strategy and tactics.

The Keys to Successful Change

Change is simultaneously defined, and executed, at all levels of the enterprise - change management models must take this into account. How do you break the “cycle of mutual dismissal” that so often bedevils change efforts? Combine agility with empathy.

Harvard Business Review: Simple Rules for Making Alliances Work

Corporate alliances are growing in number—by about 25% a year—and account for up to a third of revenues and value at many companies. Yet some 60% to 70% of them fail. What is going wrong?

The Reinvention of Procurement

Procurement is at an inflection point. For many leading companies, procurement has been transformed into a linchpin of enterprise strategy.

Customer-Centricity: What Separates the Best from the Rest

Over the past few years, customer-centricity has become a hot topic, and with good reason. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of confusion about what customer-centricity is and how to put its principles into practice. To begin cutting through the hype, we put forward a model that defines four distinct levels of customer-centricity and describe five practices that comprise world-class customer-centricity.

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