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Senior Client Services Team

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Below are just some members of our global senior client services delivery team.

Vantage has team members in over 30 countries, with the capability to deliver in more than 20 languages.


Michael Albert_headshot_square

Michael Albert

Orlando, FL

Chanda Andrews_headshot_square

Chanda Andrews

Chorley, United Kingdom

Judith Asher_headshot_square

Judith Asher

Toronto, Canada and Venice, Italy

Brian Blancke_headshot_square

Brian Blancke

Boston, United States

Joe Bubman_headshot_square

Joe Bubman

Los Angeles, United States

Darren headshot_square

Darren Carrington

Dubai, UAE

Kevin Chu_headshot_square

Kevin Chu

Beijing, China

Gaby Decaro headshot_square

Gaby DeCaro

Montevideo, Uruguay

Victor Diali_1__headshot_square

Victor Diali

Lagos, Nigeria

Aram Donigian_headshot_square-1

Aram Donigian

Enfield, United States

Sanjay Dugar_headshot_square

Sanjay Dugar

Bangalore, India

Judith Evans_headshot_square

Judith Evans

Harrogate, United Kingdom

Russell Evans_headshot_square

Russell Evans

Harrogate, United Kingdom

Julia Feng_headshot_square

Julia Feng

Calabarzon, Philippines

Stacy Ferratti_headshot_square

Stacy Ferratti

San Francisco, CA

Electra Hui_headshot_square

Electra Hui

Boston, United States

Ina Katili_headshot_square

Ina Katili

Jakarta, Indonesia

Logan Kessler_headshot_square

Logan Kessler

Seattle, United States

Naseem Khuri_headshot_square

Naseem Khuri

Washington DC, United States

Gwen Krause_headshot_square

Gwen Krause

Albany, United States

Vinay Kumar_headshot_square

Vinay Kumar

Bangalore, India

Pablo Laurino_headshot_square

Pablo Laurino

Montevideo, Uruguay

Stacy Lennon_headshot_square

Stacy Lennon

Boston, United States

Sarie Leroy_headshot_square

Sarie Leroy

Antwerp, Belgium

Xavier Martin_headshot_square

Xavier Martin

Paris, France

Melanie Martinelli_headshot_square

Melanie Martinelli

Basel, Switzerland

Jackie McDevitt_headshot_square

Jackie McDevitt

Boston, United States

Robin Miles_headshot_square

Robin Miles

Byron Bay, Australia

Stephen Monk_square

Stephen Monk

Boston, United States

David Nevin_headshot_square

David Nevin

Tokyo, Japan

Frank OHalloran_headshot_square

Frank O'Halloran

Venice, Italy

Gregg Parsley_headshot_square

Gregg Parsley

Houston, United States

Vernon Roberts_headshot_square

Vernon Roberts

Charlotte, NC

Cheryl Samtaney_headshot_square

Cheryl Samtaney

Mumbai, India

Miguel Sarabia_headshot_square

Miguel Sarabia

Budapest, Hungary

Bernd Schulz_headshot_square

Bernd Schulz

Johannesburg, South Africa

Audrey Shroeder-headshot

Audrey Shroeder

Shanghai, China

Claudia Studle_headshot_square

Claudia Studle

Strasbourg, France

Shilpa Subramaniam_headshot_square

Shilpa Subramaniam

Bangalore, India


Jack Tan

Beijing, China

Ethan Underhill_square

Ethan Underhill

Boston, United States

Bridgette White_square

Bridgette White

Boston, United States

Rob Wilkinson_headshot_square

Rob Wilkinson

Boston, United States

Heidi Zhang_headshot_square

Heidi Zhang

Nanjing, China