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Organizational Effectiveness

Align and Advance.

Organizational effectiveness starts with alignment. Vantage Partners’ Organizational Effectiveness practice partners with leaders and teams to build alignment, define operating models, transform organizations, and build and embed capability for accelerated execution and impact. 

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Leader and Stakeholder Alignment

Uniting our efforts is a recognition that developing, implementing, and executing the right strategy requires a high degree of alignment. We help stakeholders across business units and functions explore and resolve conflicts over goals as well as disagreements over how to achieve those goals, help build unity of purpose, and facilitate committed execution.

At Vantage, we recognize that developing the right strategy and successfully implementing it requires a high degree of alignment. Whatever the nature of the engagement, we systematically consider who needs to be involved and in what ways to ensure that we harness the value of diverse thinking. We ensure that disagreements and conflicts are surfaced, explored, and resolved in a manner that leads to learning and insight, and engages stakeholders in a way that leads to informed and committed execution.

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Leading Organizational Change and Transformation

The barriers to successful change — and sources of individual and organizational resistance to change — are many. We help our clients not only anticipate and diagnose such challenges, but also identify resources and assets they can use to accelerate and sustain change.

Our approach to change management involves candid acknowledgment of the disruption and loss that almost always accompanies change, with a focus on the positive aspects and opportunities represented by change (which are often overlooked or under-appreciated). We help leaders better understand the concerns of people in their organizations who may not understand the need for change, and who may feel like change is being imposed on them. We also help those who are not leading change, but need to navigate it, do so with enhanced resiliency and a greater sense of agency.

Most importantly, we work with leaders and individuals at multiple organizational levels to help them better understand one another’s perspectives, helping to ensure that concerns are raised in a constructive manner and addressed with openness and empathy. Our goal is to maximize organizational learning during periods of uncertainty and build alignment and commitment to new directions and ways of working.

The Vantage Partners team played an instrumental role in a highly-strategic investment in and integration of a cell-therapy infrastructure and platform for our company — helping to stand up and lead an integration management office that managed complex collaboration with our partner, operational integration of medical, tech-ops, and corporate capabilities, and change management and communication to a globally-distributed team. Throughout, the Vantage team’s professionalism, expertise, hard work, and collaborative attitude has set us up for long-term success!

— Chief Operating Officer, Global Biotechnology Client

    Vantage Partners Organizational Effectiveness practice takes a holistic approach to operating model definition, partnering with client organizations and stakeholders at all levels to define, iterate, and align on operating models that enable execution of their most critical priorities. Vantage Organizational Effectiveness thinks about aligning operating models along six dimensions.

    Vision and Strategy: What we aspire to achieve as an organization
    Capabilities: Key functions and activities to support the organization’s mission and strategy execution
    Structure: Organization and sizing of teams, reporting relationships, and linkages across groups
    People and Talent: Alignment of all aspects of the employee experience
    Process and Ways of Working: The ways in which people and teams interact, engage, and manage their work to execute the mission
    Tools and Resources: Resources needed to execute the mission (including technology, data, and physical plant)

    Vantage Partners’ areas of expertise include Alliance and Integrations Management, Stakeholder Alignment, and Organizational Strategy and Design.

    Vantage’s approach to Alliances and Integration Management emphasizes

    Stakeholder Alignment –Across executive leadership teams, and with key leads at the functional level, Vantage Integration Management (IM) services focuses on building alignment on the deal thesis and desired synergies, and the integration objectives that will enable those synergies, to enable integration and execution plans that drive value.

    Operating Model Refinement – Acquisitions create an opportunity, and often a need, for operating model transformation. Vantage Partners works with executive teams to confirm alignment on the “why” of acquisitions (aligning deal thesis to vision and strategy), confirm “what” the organization needs to look like in order to realize that why (confirming enterprise capabilities and structures are set up to enable integration objectives), and redefine “how” we work to enable execution (considering our people, processes, and tools).

    Change Management – M&A activity can create enormous tension, and productivity-loss within organizations. Vantage’s Integration Management team partners with executive leadership to engage impacted colleagues, and support them through the all aspects of the transition period.


    We work with Global 2000 companies, midmarket leaders, and start-ups to accelerate growth, outflank the competition, and navigate uncertainty by leveraging the power of partnerships.

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    Adaptive leadership requires the right mindset. Learn about the behaviors and skills needed to be an adaptive leader in today's ever-changing environment.

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    Building and Embedding Capabilities

    FlippingBook Cover PageAt Vantage, we provide training and skill development solutions to help organizations maximize the effectiveness and potential of their people.

    Achieving alignment within and across business units and functions, working productively with colleagues and outside partners, solving problems creatively — these are critical to the success of any organization. Vantage helps people hone these and other critical skills through a variety of methods: classroom, virtual instructor-led, on-demand digital training, and blended learning.

    The content of our training is based on our thought leadership in many areas, combined with the best thinking from other experts. Our approach to delivery is highly experiential: We create learning environments where participants confront and challenge entrenched ways of thinking and have opportunities to build new skills through exercises and simulations that reflect actual business realities.

    Our instructors are based around the globe and come from diverse cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds. They’re united by their ability to tailor learning to individual client contexts and participant learning needs.

    Above all, we’re deeply committed to ensuring that the learning solutions we design lead people to become better at their jobs and yield improved business results. Assessment and measurement are critical parts of every engagement.

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    Align your leadership team on a vision and shared priorities. Build a world-class operating model to accelerate impact. Lead sustainable change and transformation. Unlock what’s possible with Vantage Partners.

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