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Soft Skills, Adaptive Leaders

A Compendium for Learning and Leadership Development

How can organizations, and their leaders at every level, pivot in turbulent times while keeping their North Star in sight? Amidst uncertainty and accelerating change, learning and leadership development professionals have a clear agenda—to cultivate the “soft” yet enduring skills of adaptive leadership.

Soft skills are increasingly important to company success, say 80% percent of talent professionals. This compendium recaps and shares research, insights, and takeaways from “Soft Skills, Adaptive Leaders”—a series of articles, events, and on-demand resources and tools presented by Vantage experts in the summer of 2020.

What are the most significant impacts of missing soft skills? Poor decisions, employee burnout, lack of buy-in or follow-through, and damaged relationships, our 2020 Vantage Soft Skills Survey found.

How might we best develop and enable these skills? In “Soft Skills, Adaptive Leaders,” we explore and suggest answers to these and other questions that burn intensely for leadership and learning development organizations today.

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