Financial Services

The landscape of the financial sector is ever-changing. There is significant consolidation in banking, in the aftermath of the credit crisis, while other parts of the sector have embraced an alternative strategy of working more closely with complimentary and, at times, competing, organizations to design and deliver a comprehensive set of solutions to savvy corporate and consumer customers.  Faced with increased public and governmental scrutiny and a changing regulatory environment, many companies are struggling with how best to continue to grow while also improving their back- and middle-office operations, ensuring quality, and managing risk.

Vantage Partners brings unique expertise in negotiation, relationship management, and change management to help organizations cope with these challenges. We work with companies across the financial sector – from banking to insurance, investment services, and credit card companies – to build and improve their most important relationships. For example, we:

  • Help financial services companies develop and implement strategies for achieving greater value from their business process outsourcing arrangements
  • Assist insurance companies in their efforts to develop an overall alliance strategy, and to build and maintain effective working relationships with their alliance partners (such as agencies, banks, and sponsorship partners)
  • Work with banks to help them manage relationships with their major clients – negotiating fees effectively, and positioning themselves as reliable partners as credit and liquidity return to the market

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Research & Publications

Simple Rules for Making Alliances Work

Conventional advice about alliances hasn't reduced their dismal failure rate. Success requires shifting focus to a complementary set of principles.

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