The healthcare sector is undergoing significant transformation, and hospitals and insurers alike are challenged to find new ways to improve the quality of patient care while also remaining competitive and financially secure.  Many providers and payers are looking to change their relationship with each another, and are also turning to other forms of partnerships, to deliver integrated care, find new efficiencies, develop innovative revenue streams, and better manage costs.

Vantage Partners has unique expertise in negotiation, relationship management, and change management to help healthcare organizations build and strengthen their most important relationships.

Vantage works with healthcare organizations to:

  • Adopt new strategic approaches to, and substantially improve the results of, critical payer-provider contact negotiations
  • Transform provider-payer relationships to enable joint development and delivery of innovative solutions to care, research, and cost management
  • Improve collaborations within IDN networks (decision making, problem solving, and conflict management across key parts of the care delivery system)
  • Enhance how both providers and payers negotiate and manage relationships with key suppliers
  • Improve how they select, structure, and manage their most strategic external alliances and joint ventures
  • Develop a superior customer service culture, system, and strategies
  • Drive alignment around and successfully implement major change initiatives, especially around the adoption of new internal systems or technologies

For more information, please contact us at info@vantagepartners.com or 1.617.904.7816.


"Vantage helped GHX and our large Board, a consortium of industry players, overcome competing interests and perspectives to achieve a critical and timely alignment on a strategic roadmap and significant funding plan fundamental to our continuing success."

Bruce Johnson, President and CEO,Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC

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