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Change is a constant in the world of media and entertainment.  Keeping up with the pace of technology change and the evolving broadband distribution landscape, shortening windows,  and consumers’ ever-growing appetites for quality content delivered in new ways increasingly requires that media and entertainment companies develop dynamic partnerships that can quickly evolve with the market.

As the marketplace shifts, a single organization can be your company’s customer, competitor, supplier, and partner, all at the same time.  Maintaining clear and effective communication across business units or functional lines, forecasting how decisions today might impact implementation or the next important deal, designing strategies and partnerships for digital distribution of your content on new and evolving platforms, and developing deals and relationships that are designed to cope with rapid change are tremendous challenges to be addressed.

Vantage Partners brings unique expertise in negotiation, relationship management, and change management to help organizations cope with these challenges, both for content providers negotiating distribution arrangements and for content acquisition teams negotiating to acquire rights to new content.  For example, we help media and entertainment companies:

  • Shift from more product-based distribution to a more fully integrated suite of offerings in multi-year distribution agreements for studio and television products to broadcasting platforms
  • Streamline content acquisition processes so that they can more quickly adapt to changing needs
  • Create more robust key account management structures to systematize the way in which the organization’s key accounts are managed
  • Improve their capability to negotiate and manage relationships with key alliance partners, broadcasters, platforms, affiliates, and customers
  • Enhance Corporate Alliances teams to develop processes and tools for the effective management of corporate alliances throughout the partnership lifecycle
  • Build better, dynamic relationships with distribution channels (terrestrial broadcasters, cable and satellite operators as well as broadband and other new media outlets)

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