Sales and Account Management

Selling is hard and only getting harder. Customers call later in the buying cycle. Procurement is more sophisticated. Customers demand discounts. Competitors never stop. 

Vantage Partners works with the world’s leading Sales and Account Management organizations to address these challenges through driving measurable results in and building sustained capability for:

  • Negotiating complex deals

  • Managing and navigating negotiations with procurement  

  • Strategic account management
  • Value-selling
  • Selecting, structuring, and managing go-to-market partnerships
  • Building innovation-focused customer partnerships
  • Introducing new pricing and managing discounting
  • Managing and responding to RFPs
  • Cross-selling

Our work is built upon the core principles for successful relationship management that we developed at Harvard, and enshrined in Getting to YES, our decades of experience consulting and training Sales leaders and organizations of F500/G1000 companies, and the deep customer insight gathered from our Procurement and Supply Chain advisory work.

Key services and offerings

Vantage transforms organizational sales capability by:

  • Designing and implementing strategic account management programs, sales processes, tools, playbooks, and guides
  • Training sales teams on customer negotiation and value selling strategies, strategic account management, sales leadership and teamwork, and internal stakeholder engagement
  • Delivering strategic insight through extensive experience, research, and customer-backed diagnostics on customer retention and growth; customer segmentation and coverage, go-to-market channel and partner selection; and introducing and positioning new products and pricing to key customer segments

Vantage strengthens individual customer relationships by:

  • Driving results through hands-on advising and coaching on complex sales, RFP responses, and negotiations
  • Working with teams to conduct strategic planning on growing and managing top accounts and improving relationships with key customers
  • Planning and execution of joint value discovery and innovation sessions with customers
  • (Re)Launching and turning around new or underperforming go-to-market partnerships

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"Vantage created a substantial upskilling in our team and solid improvement on ROI from our most critical negotiations."

Sharon Saxton, HR Director, City & Guilds Institute of London
Former VP, Human Resources, Walt Disney Television International

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Research & Publications

Managing Difficult Customer Tactics: Threatening to Go to a Competitor

Perhaps one of the most common tactics sales people encounter when negotiating with customers is threatening to switch business to a competitor if they don’t get what they want; usually a discount, but can also be changing other business terms in some way.