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Storytelling Skills

Mandel’s storytelling training workshops train professionals to craft meaningful stories that resonate with audiences and move them to act.




Without a story, your message feels incomplete. No matter how solid your strategy or how compelling the numbers, fail to deliver your message in the context of a story and your audience won’t see its value.

But put your message in the context of a story? Suddenly, differentiators come to life. Buyers see themselves reflected. Decision-makers gain the confidence to say yes.

This storytelling skills training workshop teaches participants three key story archetypes and how to use them in real-world settings. 

Vantage is pleased to offer Mandel's popular program:

Influence With Stories

Progress often depends on a person’s ability to influence the action of others. Stories, metaphors, and analogies connect deeply with listeners, much more so than “just the facts.” Stories help people find clarity amid the chaos, propelling them down the path to their desired outcome more quickly.

Influence with Stories equips participants with essential storytelling skills to help them:

  • Understand why stories matter
  • Identify different types of stories
  • Decide when and how to use storytelling skills
  • Define the key parts of every story
  • Practice crafting and telling a story to an audience


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