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Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise are unified by a commitment to delivering transformative results by enhancing alignment between strategies and the marketplace, and between internal and external assets and capabilities.

Alliances & Partnerships


Companies increasingly rely on partnerships across their value chain, from R&D through sales and delivery.

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Change Management


In the midst of a marketplace in constant flux, we help businesses navigate periods of significant transition and change, balancing the strategic and operational dimensions of change with the human and cultural ones, and helping to increase resiliency.

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Vantage provides strategic negotiation advice to companies on their largest and most complex deals and transactions, as well as advice and coaching throughout the negotiation process, both behind the scenes, and sometimes “at the table” with negotiation counterparts. Our clients enter negotiations prepared for all possible scenarios, equipped with well-defined strategies and flexible playbooks.

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Restructuring & Transformation


In the face of significant marketplace changes or business crises, we help clients restructure and often fundamentally transform their organizations, whether the goal is to reinvent culture, radically reduce their cost structure, or pivot to a trajectory of renewed growth.

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Stakeholder Engagement / Alignment


Uniting our efforts is a recognition that developing, implementing, and executing the right strategy requires a high degree of alignment. We help stakeholders across business units and functions explore and resolve conflicts over goals as well as disagreements over how to achieve those goals, help build unity of purpose, and facilitate committed execution.

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Globalization, digital transformation, and other forces are blurring or completely demolishing traditional industry and market boundaries. The pace of innovation continues to accelerate, and the threat of disruptive competition is ever-present. It’s in this context that we help clients analyze industry ecosystems, assess risks and opportunities across their extended value chain, and refine or reinvent their business models.

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