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How We Help

At Vantage, we help our clients solve big problems and capitalize on big opportunities - always with a focus on achieving measurable, sustainable results.

Advisory Services

Our consultants work in close collaboration with senior P&L and functional leaders, helping them define strategies and develop actionable plans to capitalize on opportunities and address critical challenges such as business negotiation tactics.

Capability Transfer

To ensure that the results we help our clients achieve are sustainable, we transfer expertise to their people, building and embedding fundamentally new capabilities within the organization.

Diagnostic Assessment

From sizing markets to analyzing competitive challenges and dynamics to analyzing the root causes of strategic or operational under-performance, we employ a range of data-driven methodologies to get at the root causes of challenges that companies confront, and analyze the complex systems of interrelated causes that impede success.

Implementation Support

Unlike some firms that focus primarily on providing advice, we are committed to working hand in glove with our clients to implement the strategies and recommendations that we help them develop. We pride ourselves on helping our clients through the implementation process, fully leveraging the resources they already have, while also providing in-depth support where there are gaps. Our integrated team structure enables us to work with clients in the most efficient way possible, providing in-depth support where needed, while also being respectful of a client’s expertise and available resources.

How can we help you?