We work with operations teams on a range of process re-engineering and quality improvement initiatives. We bring unique expertise in identifying and resolving the tensions and inconsistencies that often arise in functionally siloed processes, thereby improving efficiency, reducing risk, and better serving internal and external customers.

Vantage works with operations organizations on a broad range of process improvement initiatives that address quality, efficiency, compliance, and time to market. We go beyond traditional reengineering and Six Sigma methods, ensuring that end-to-end processes are optimized for improved marketplace performance. This frequently includes identifying and addressing the inconsistencies and conflicts that arise in processes that are functionally siloed but that need to be harmonized for the enterprise to better serve customers and compete in the marketplace.

By applying systems thinking, we can understand complex interdependencies across product development, sourcing, sales, customer service, fulfillment, and delivery organizations. Our teams then identify root causes and reinforcing causal cycles that need to be addressed to drive meaningful and sustainable improvements.

And because operational processes and systems ultimately depend on people for execution and oversight, we pay careful attention to human factors and dynamics, including the role of formal and informal incentives. Our goal is not simply to design or redefine better processes or systems, but to ensure that operational changes translate into measurable improvements in business performance.