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Conference September 28-30, 2022

2022 ASAP BioPharma Conference

2022 BioPharma

Vantage is again proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2022 ASAP BioPharma conference, focused on 'Mastering the BioPharma Partnership Ecosystem to Create New Value and Better Patient Outcomes.'

The conference brings together alliance and partnering leaders from around the globe who represent prominent pharma, biotech, life science, academia, and consulting groups. Attendees are partnering senior executives, academics, and principals from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, and higher education institutions.

Ben Siddall, Partner at Vantage, and Adam Kornetsky, Principal at Vantage, will be leading a Masterclass on "Understanding and Navigating the New Biopharma Partnership Ecosystem."

This Masterclass is an interactive session on best practices in managing both traditional and new innovative partnerships, including the similarities and differences between partnership types and how alliance management organizations must think differently in this environment.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about emerging trends and new types of biopharma partnerships
  • Explore the new mindset alliance management must have to be successful in this evolving environment
  • Experience practical tools and frameworks that can be leveraged across different types of biopharma partnerships
  • Engage with colleagues and peers to learn about effective approaches (and different structures) adopted across biopharma organizations

In addition, Adam Kornetsky, Principal at Vantage Partners, will moderate an executive panel on "Investing Now for the Next Generation of Alliance Managers."

In the race to bring critical therapies to market, small to medium biotech and pharma companies are increasingly relying on strategic partnerships. And according to Jay McBain's 2022 ASAP Global Alliance Summit presentation "The Alliances Tipping Point: Opportunity or Risk?" 82 percent of companies are investing more in partnerships in 2022. But putting a partnering strategy into execution involves more than just bullet points on a slide. What if there is no current alliance management function, or only a legacy model that needs to reboot and scale? Which alliance management core capabilities are most important when hiring new talent? And how do you promote a culture of partnerships within the organization while you simultaneously hire, train, and retain the next generation of alliance professionals?

Hear three different perspectives from our panelists on building the plane while flying it, hiring the right talent, establishing an alliance management training program, and strengthening your company's partnering expertise. Our panelists include:

  • Matthew Schroeder, CA-AM, Associate Director, Alliances, Illumina
  • Carl Waiter, CA-AM, Head of Alliance Management, ImmunoGen
  • Stefan Walke, PhD, Head of Alliance Management, Boehringer Ingelheim

Key learnings:

  • How to build, scale, and sustain an alliance management function
  • Core capabilities and creative approaches to fulfilling alliance management roles
  • Training the next generation of alliance management professionals

This event has taken place.