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Conference April 19-21, 2022

2022 ASAP Global Alliance Summit

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The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) is a nonprofit, global membership organization for partnering professionals in all industries who manage strategic alliances, ecosystems, go-to-market partnerships, key channel partner relationships, and other business collaborations.

For every executive who must partner to succeed, the ASAP Global Alliance Summit is your only source for the depth of insight, learning, research, practical experience, and proven practices that enable profit, innovation, and value for the partnering enterprise.

Vantage presented the following session:

Master Class: Go to Market Best Practices

Selling in a multi-channel environment requires a delicate balancing act between a company's direct and indirect sales strategies. This balancing act becomes even more difficult when channel partners and resellers are also competitors–or could become competitors in the future. Effectively managing coopetition is the key to maximizing revenue potential while reducing the risk of cannibalization.

In this interactive master class presented by Vantage Partners' Jessica Wadd, she shared best practices for:

  • Aligning direct and indirect sales strategies
  • Reducing channel conflict
  • Managing coopetition

Additionally, our team moderated the following panels:

Building Skill to Make Go-to-Market Partnerships Work (moderated by Jessica Wadd)

Many companies use partnerships to drive sales, either selling to partners or using partners as a route to market. Teams responsible for these partnerships need the same strong collaboration skills as those who manage pharmaceutical alliances, but they need to be able to apply them in some very different ways. During this lively panel discussion industry executives discussed:

  • Critical skills necessary for teams that manage go-to-market alliances
  • Common skill gaps in new and long-time alliance professionals
  • Ways to build skill through training and on-the-job learning

Building an Alliance Management Team (moderated by Adam Kornetsky)

Building a high-performing alliance management team is no easy task. Finding the right individuals, with the requisite technical knowledge, exemplary interpersonal skills, and innate ability to find and create win-win scenarios has always been a challenge. Add in our current business environment in which companies are forming more partnerships than ever before, while a historic labor shortage is also in place, and it can feel downright impossible! Join the panelists as they discuss their cross-industry experience in attracting, building, and retaining top talent for alliance management teams. Learn about the talent strategies these industry experts implement and what trends they are witnessing across the industry. Hear about the ways in which a growing alliance management team can demonstrate increased value to the broader organization.


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