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Conference May 21-24, 2024

SAMA Global Summit: Build Story-Driven Messages


Get ready for an educational experience that defies convention! SAMA’s learning environment is designed to invigorate and captivate, not put you to sleep. With a conference program that spans industries, SAMA delivers an exciting, comprehensive, and focused approach that tackles real-world challenges.

Join us at SAMA's 2024 Annual Conference, where we will present "Build Story-Driven Messages":

  • Ineffective communication can hold SAMs back, while tight well-constructed messaging can set the tone of their customer relationships, inspire customer confidence, and ensure the SAM is seen as a trusted advisor.
  • Without productive communication, SAMs risk missed opportunities on deals, dwindling engagement and productivity, and diminished satisfaction – from both internal team members and valued customers.

In this session, BUILD POWERFUL STRATEGIC MESSAGES™ that address communication challenges head-on by equipping SAMs with four essential messaging skills that help deepen customer engagement and encourage productive communication to drive immediate, measurable business results.

SAMA members can learn more and register on the SAMA event page.

If you are not a registered SAMA member, but would like a discount code to participate in this event, or to receive a complimentary copy of one of our presentations, or to ask about anything else, we invite you to contact a leader in Vantage’s sales and strategic account management team for assistance by clicking the button below.


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