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Coopetition: Why Smart Companies Work with Competitors

This study, conducted in partnership with The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), The Institute for Supply Management (ISM), and The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), analyzes the extent to which companies engage in coopetition – collaboration with another company (including strategic customers and suppliers) while simultaneously competing with them – and the impact of effectively managing coopetition on revenue growth. The analysis includes a comparison of buy- and sell-side respondents.

Below are a few highlights from the research.
  1. Most companies compete with their business partners; 73% of respondents report doing so “some” or “a great deal”
  2. 82% of respondents report actively exploring collaboration with competitors, to preempt or respond to competitive threats
  3. Companies that expect to rely on third-party assets and capabilities (partners) for future growth have outperformed, in terms of historical revenue growth, those expecting to rely on internal assets and capabilities
  4. Respondents reporting their companies are “very effective” at managing coopetition saw more than 1.8X revenue growth, compared to those who rate their companies as “not effective”

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