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The Future of Innovation

This global benchmarking study analyzes innovation trends and their future business impact. It's based on a survey of 150 companies across a wide range of industries, as well as in-depth interviews and case studies. The study includes strategies to foster innovation and realize more value, and how company culture affects innovation initiatives. A highlight of the research is the extent to which external collaboration will fuel the future of innovation.

Below are a few highlights from the research.

  1. 62% of respondents report that “Most” or “A great deal” of their innovation currently comes from collaborating with third parties.
  2. Companies that reported “Most” or “A great deal” of their innovation comes through external collaboration experienced a 2.8X% greater increase in their revenue compared to those with “Little to none”.
  3. 75% of respondents report that the amount of external innovation at their companies with increase “Some” or “A great deal” over the next 5 years.
  4. Companies that have a “smart risk-taking” culture achieved a 40% greater increase in revenue compared to “risk-averse” companies.

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