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Life Sciences Sales Academy

Immediate Real-World Application. US and Worldwide Market Expertise — and a Global Faculty. Activate your sales strategy. Created for Your Organization and Sales Processes, with only the training you need.

Built for the challenges that pharmaceutical and medical device sellers face every day, the Vantage Life Sciences Sales Academy shifts behaviors, develops new skills, and enhances capabilities needed to engage customers and execute the organization's account and product strategies — in the US and worldwide.

With Vantage's Life Sciences Sales Management Academy, executives at every experience level can immediately apply fresh strategies and skills to accomplish their daily work in new and innovative ways. Our proprietary frameworks and tools are tailored to your organization's needs and existing sales processes. Just-in-time microlearning weaves professional development into sellers' busy schedules. We continually assess learning and measure business impact to maximize learning ROI.

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Life Sciences Sales and Account Management Academy Course and Curriculum

The Vantage team works with our clients to identify participant needs, competency development priorities and customer engagement strategies; we use those results to jointly develop a learning journey customized to each organization's specific goals.

  • Expanding Relationships and Influence in Your Account
  • Developing Joint Business Plans
  • Strategic Account SWOT Analysis
  • Account Planning Tool
  • Account Segmentation
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Uncovering HCP and Other Customer Needs
  • Solution Co-Creation
  • Converting Insights into Action
  • Defining and Defending Value
  • Taking Share from Competitors
  • Telling Your Clinical Story with Insights and Data
  • Telling Your Clinical Story
  • Bringing Your Value Story to Life
  • Extraordinary Presenter Presentation Skills
  • Influential Conversations and Meetings
  • Influencing with Stories
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Building Your Personal Leadership Brand
  • Leading High-Performing Teams
  • Delivering Performance Feedback
  • Developing Team Trust and Culture
    Sales Coaching
  • Negotiating Strategically, Not Tactically
  • High-Stakes Negotiations
  • Negotiating Price Increases
  • Analyzing Competitors and Walkaways
    Surfacing Concerns and Overcoming Objections
  • Systematic Negotiation Preparation
  • Diffusing Difficult Customer Tactics
  • Understanding Key Stakeholders and Their Interests
  • Navigating Payers, Providers, and Advocacy Groups
  • Capitalizing on Healthcare Trends and Innovations
  • Patient Centricity
  • Collaborating with Solution/Support Partners
  • Building, Sustaining, and Repairing Trust
  • Providing Insights and Data-Driven Advice
  • Balancing Conflicting Objectives, Priorities, and Perspectives
  • Leveraging Customer Feedback
  • Influencing Without Authority
  • Navigating Complex Stakeholder Landscapes
  • Enhancing Executive Presence
  • Multistakeholder Alignment
  • Advanced Influence and Persuasion Skills
  • Navigating the Customer Landscape in a Hybrid World
  • Leading Virtual Sales Teams
  • Avoiding and Overcoming Virtual Selling Pitfalls
  • Making the Most of Virtual
  • Engagement Technologies
  • Delivering Compelling Virtual Sales Presentations
  • Thinking Like Your Customer Executive
  • Advanced SWOT AnalysisBuilding a roadmap to the C-Suite
  • Avoiding Common C-Suite Selling Pitfalls
  • Where and How to Focus C-Suite Engagement Efforts
  • Strategies for C-Suite Engagement
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Generating Insights with Data and Analytics
  • Compelling Data Visualization
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Data-Driven Account and Territory Planning
  • Systems Thinking
  • Overcoming Hard Bargainers and Difficult Procurement Tactics
  • Identifying and Deploying Sources of Leverage
  • Understanding Procurement’s Motivations and Constraints
  • Learning to Speak “Procurement”
  • Overcoming Procurement as a Gatekeeper
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Navigating and Leading Change
  • Managing Conflict Productively
  • Building, Sustaining, and Repairing Trust
  • Matching Your Style to Customer Counterparts

Global Learning. Local Instructors.

Wherever your sales executives and strategic account managers need to learn, Vantage training teams are there, ready to deliver.

20 languages

50+ countries

19,000+ people trained annually


say our facilitators are ‘knowledgeable and comfortable teaching the subject matter’


would recommend Vantage training to a colleague

Client Impact


Vantage built a series of annual workshops to support a US-based biologics company’s yearly skill-building objectives, helping them to build and expand competencies across their trade, payer, GPO, advocacy, and IDN sales teams. Sales executives self-select courses based on their own needs and challenges. Each course builds on previous deep dives into the content that were rolled out over approximately two years. This program enables a long-term development strategy to increase the overall competency of the North America market access and commercial organization. 

For a global medical device and consumer health products leader, Vantage designed the capstone learning experience in the company’s frontline sales manager development program. As sales executives make the leap from being individual territory managers to running districts with 10-12 reports, this learning journey ensures they possess the strategic thinking and business acumen can to plan their district-level strategies—and prioritize their time and attention across each of the individual territories—to grow and sustain revenue. Vantage’s course combines elements of sales strategy with leadership and coaching, effective customer engagement, and understanding data in order to ultimately meet sales targets and lead in the field.

With margins squeezed by fierce competition and increasingly powerful procurement organizations, a global cardiovascular leader engaged Vantage to help it fundamentally shift the way its sales organization approached customer negotiations. Salespeople needed to negotiate for value—to develop cross-divisional solutions, craft more creative contract terms, handle tough tactics from counterparts, and align and sell to hospital administration, procurement, and clinical personnel. After conducting a negotiation capability diagnostic assessment with a cross-section of sales managers, Vantage rolled out a customized “negotiation toolbox” for sales teams, integrated with the sales process, and a series of intensive, 2-day negotiation training workshops for the entire salesforce, customized for VP-level, through key account managers, to sales representatives. These workshops (and follow-up training) instilled a common negotiation vocabulary and toolset, a collaborative mindset, and new culture focused on long-term contracts with customers that create significant value for both sides. Subsequent Vantage trainings for non-client facing functions further cemented the new negotiation, communication, and collaboration practices into their culture.

Create more value. Grow revenue. Protect and improve margins.

Let’s determine how, together.