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Sales and Account Management Academy

Sales and account management training tailored to your organization’s needs.

The Vantage Sales and Account Management Academy is an integrated and highly flexible way to enhance skills that deliver competitive advantage. We tailor our proprietary frameworks and tools to your organization’s needs and existing sales processes. We continually assess progress and measure business impact to maximize learning ROI.

Just-in-time microlearning weaves professional development into participants' busy schedules. Instead of taking executives away from their work to learn, Vantage's Sales and Account Management Academy helps them immediately apply strategies and skills to accomplish their work in new and innovative ways.

Illustrative Sales and Account Management Academy Curriculum

No two businesses are the same—their sales and account management training shouldn't be either. Vantage will build a custom, strategic account management course tailored specifically to your organization's needs.

  • A systematic approach to strategic account management
  • Expanding relationships and influence with your account
  • Developing joint business plans
  • Strategic account SWOT analysis
  • Account planning tools
  • Account segmentation
  • Value chain analysis
  • Uncovering customer goals, needs, and priorities
  • Solution co-creation
  • Converting insights into action
  • Defining and defending value
  • Taking account share from competitors
  • Cross-selling
  • Becoming a trusted advisor
  • Navigating complex stakeholder landscapes
  • Balancing conflicting objectives, priorities, and perspectives
  • Multi-stakeholder alignment
  • Leveraging customer feedback
  • Embedding customer-centricity in the company DNA
  • Tailoring the customer experience for competitive advantage
  • Ensuring cross-functional alignment
  • Externalizing innovation
  • Navigating the customer landscape in a hybrid world
  • Leading virtual sales teams
  • Avoiding and overcoming virtual selling pitfalls
  • Making the most of virtual engagement technologies
  • Delivering compelling virtual sales presentations
  • Enhancing executive presence
  • Thinking like your customer executive
  • Analyzing a 10-K report
  • Advanced SWOT analysis
  • Avoiding common C-Suite selling pitfalls
  • Where and how to focus C-Suite engagement efforts
  • Strategies for C-Suite engagement
  • Negotiating strategically, not tactically
  • Guidance for high-stakes negotiations
  • Analyzing BATNA (yours and theirs)
  • Surfacing concerns and overcoming objectives
  • Systematic negotiation preparation
  • Maximizing negotiation leverage
  • Negotiating with challenging customers
  • Combining assertiveness with a collaborative approach
  • Overcoming hard bargainers and difficult tactics
  • Analyzing BATNA (yours and theirs)
  • Identifying and deploying sources of leverage
  • Understanding the motivations and constraints of procurement groups
  • Learning to speak "procurement"
  • How to transform procurement
  • From an adversary into an ally
  • Overcoming procurement as the gatekeeper
  • Big picture thinking
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Hypothesis-driven data integration
  • Business model analysis
  • Systems thinking
  • Using analytics to drive account planning and sales execution
  • Presentation skills
  • Storytelling skills
  • Messaging Skills
  • Conversation Skills


  • Advanced influence and persuasion skills
  • Transforming conflict from a liability to an asset
  • Building, sustaining, and repairing trust
  • Enhancing interpersonal effectiveness
  • Matching your style to customer counterparts
  • Mastering the art and science of storytelling
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Building your personal leadership brand
  • Leading, inspiring, and influencing others
  • Influencing without authority

Vantage Academy Unlocks Strategic Sales and Account Management

After going through Vantage Academy training, our sales and account management clients have reported significant savings. Their teams are more adept at identifying operational and structural savings, negotiating more skillfully, and analyzing performance more rigorously.

Implemented organization-wide sales methodology and updated competency maps, leading to $1 billion in new revenue and retaining $500 million in at-risk business.
Built top-to-bottom organizational capability and approach for sales and customer engagement, driving $1.6 billion in new business, retaining $531 million in at-risk business, and $135 million in additional value uncovered.
Rolled out stakeholder mapping, pricing and negotiation frameworks, driving €45MM+ profit uplift in three European markets and 18% price premium over target floor.

Strategic Sales Account Management Training

Global Learning. Local Instructors.

Wherever your sales executives and strategic account managers need to learn, Vantage training teams are there, ready to deliver.

20 languages

50+ countries

19,000+ people trained annually


96% say our facilitators are ‘knowledgeable and comfortable teaching the subject matter’


95% would recommend Vantage training to a colleague

Vantage Map V2

Targeted Outcomes. Tailored Learning Journeys. A Tracked Learning Approach.

Vantage’s training approach begins with your business goals. We test proficiency against targeted competencies, identify skills gaps, and then integrate select modules into learning journeys to close those gaps. Vantage also offers options to align with SAMA-sanctioned certification.

Feedback From Our Participants

The Vantage education is like ‘Wow … I’ve been struggling with this. Now I see it completely differently.’

— Sales Executive, Strategic Accounts Group, Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

Engaging instructors with deep knowledge of our business, enabling meaningful examples and activities to apply to our day-to-day situations.


— Sales Executive, Financial Technology Company

I’ve been through dozens of trainings over the years and Vantage’s was by far the most effective.


— Strategic Account Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company

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