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We Help Organizations Maximize the Potential of Their People.

To be more effective, knowledge is necessary but insufficient; it takes a shift in mindset to effect and sustain behavioral change. Our learning and training programs focus on transforming thinking and behavior and honing real-world skills such as negotiation practices, empowering people to jointly solve problems, collaborate at new levels of effectiveness, and deliver breakthrough results.

Vantage Partners’ Model for Behavioral Transformation


Mental Models

  • Help people think their way into a new way of acting
  • Help them become aware of, and question, common disempowering assumptions
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Skills / Behavior

  • Help people expand their individual repertoires, and become more deliberate and strategic (less reactive) in their choice of actions

  • Help people act their way into new ways of thinking

  • Build enhanced skills with an emphasis on realistic simulations and practical application



  • Measure impact and results
  • Reinforce and sustain the application of new skills and behaviors
  • Identify new development needs, and where and how to continuously improve learning programs

Our Approach to Design 

Training Offerings

We provide training and skill development solutions to help organizations maximize the effectiveness and potential of their people. Explore some of our areas of expertise below, or download our Workshop Catalog to view some of our additional topic areas.






Relationship Management


Strategic Thinking

Explore our most popular workshops in our Workshop Catalog 

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Don't see what you're looking for?

Adapting existing workshops and creating customized new ones is where we excel.

Let's Build A Tailored Program

Choices to Create the Most Impactful Experience for Your Learners

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Learning modes / media: We partner with you to select the learning mode that will best meet the needs of your learners, whether that is in-person, virtual instructor-led, eLearning, or a blend of these approaches.

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Length of training: We challenge ourselves to find the right balance between content and running time to create highly impactful learning experiences. We typically deliver training modules that are anywhere from one hour to several days in length.


Stand-alone or programmatic: Depending on the learning problem we are aiming to solve; we design and deliver stand-alone programs and full blended learning journeys. Additionally, we frequently design and deliver individual components of a client’s broader learning journey, ensuring connectivity between our modules and the full learning experience.

Global Learning. Local Instructors.

Wherever your leaders at every level need to learn, Vantage training teams are there, ready to deliver.

20 languages

50+ countries

19,000+ people trained annually

Meet Some Of Our Global Delivery Team
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