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Getting work done with and through others without formal authority.




Our influence courses focus on getting work done with and through others—up, down, and laterally, with or without authority.  Most people think of influence as getting others to agree; we guide participants to recognize influence as a two-way street, to become curious about different viewpoints, and to seek to understand the reasons for resistance. Participants develop strategies and skills for achieving results, while operating efficiently in a complex business environment with multiple reporting lines, different geographies, and competing demands.

Key topics include:

  • Navigating complex situations when priorities conflict and responsibilities are unclear
  • Getting things done in the absence of formal authority
  • Influencing up, down, and laterally
  • Efficiently aligning multiple stakeholders
  • Framing and communicating ideas persuasively
  • Constructively engaging, diagnosing, overcoming, and learning from resistance

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Influence Assessment  Persuasion and Problem-Solving