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Negotiation Training

Internally or externally negotiating an optimal agreement without sacrificing the relationship between the parties.


Negotiation training in progress.


Regardless of our roles, we all negotiate regularly—with external counterparts and internal colleagues and stakeholders.  Vantage’s negotiation training programs are based upon the principled, interest-based negotiation framework originally developed at Harvard University and described in our best-selling book, Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. Participants develop the capabilities to consistently negotiate optimal agreements without sacrificing the relationships among the parties involved.

Key negotiation strategy topics include:

  • Why and how to systematically prepare for negotiations
  • The power of positioning—negotiating less reactively and more strategically
  • Diagnosing and responding to difficult tactics
  • Uncovering and employing multiple forms of constructive leverage
  • Being assertive without being adversarial and collaborative without being naïve
  • Managing emotions in the negotiation process

Click below to watch our informative video presenting the Seven Elements of Negotiation:

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