Companies increasingly view alliances as a mechanism for innovation. Alliances create platforms for groundbreaking research, provide access to cutting-edge capabilities and new customers, and enable cost and risk sharing. These opportunities to create value exist because the partner companies are different from each other, but the differences between partners also make alliance execution challenging. Too often value is left on the table because these differences are not effectively managed.

Vantage Partners leverages unique expertise in alliance management, facilitation, multi-party alignment, and negotiation to help companies develop and implement innovative approaches to creating value through alliances. We advise leaders responsible for developing alliance strategies and Heads of Alliance Management. Our iterative, consultative approach incorporates the change management insights needed to build buy-in among key people and ensure that results are sustainable.

Our work with clients includes:

Alliance Strategy Development

Vantage works with our clients to define an alliance strategy that supports overall corporate strategy and individual business unit objectives. The result is clarity on when, for what purpose, and through what process the company should enter and exit alliances.

Alliance Management Capability Building

Vantage works with our clients to define the activities, processes, competencies, and structures needed for effective execution across the individual alliance lifecycle and alliance portfolio. Building true organizational capability in alliance management, however, goes beyond these formal levels. To get results, companies must also work to develop the mindset and skills required to change the way they work. Our support for implementation includes coaching, facilitation, training, and job aids to ensure all success factors are in place.

New Alliance Launch

Companies only have one chance to set up an alliance right. Vantage works with our clients during the first “100 days” of a new relationship to set it up for effective execution. During this critical period we work closely with internal stakeholders, helping to facilitate alignment around alliance goals and strategy, build understanding and trust, and clarify how the partners will work together. The result is a strong foundation for collaboration that supports innovation.

Alliance Remediation and Re-launch

When an alliance underperforms, value is lost. Vantage works with our clients to understand the gap between the alliance’s current and preferred situation, diagnose its root causes, consider ways to address it, and develop and implement concrete action plans that put the alliance back on track.

Alliance Training

Vantage works with companies to create and deliver highly interactive, experiential learning strategies aimed at developing employees’ abilities to effectively manage alliances and collaborate with partner companies.

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"Vantage Partners has put Nycomed on the road to becoming a world-class alliance-capable organization."

Mark Wingertzahn, Former Head of Alliance Management and Senior Director for R & D, Nycomed

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"Vantage helped GHX and our large Board, a consortium of industry players, overcome competing interests and perspectives to achieve a critical and timely alignment on a strategic roadmap and significant funding plan fundamental to our continuing success."

Bruce Johnson, President and CEO,Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC

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