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Life Sciences Alliances and Integrations

Maximize the Value of Your Alliance Portfolio. Build and Sustain a World-Class Alliance Management Function. Be a Partner-of-Choice.

Vantage enables global and emerging life sciences leaders to drive successful collaborations. Our strategic counsel and operational enablement supports research, development, and commercial alliances at every stage of the partnership lifecycle. We partner with pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies to support individual alliances, as well as build an organizational capability in alliance management — with the right processes, tools, and skills to unlock the value of their alliance portfolios.

Alliances and Integrations

Alliance Capability Building

Expand Your Alliance Partnering Capabilities

In addition to traditional asset based collaborations, Vantage’s service offerings also support our clients as they embark partnerships that expand “beyond the pill.” As the healthcare ecosystem continues to expand, Vantage is here to help you navigate new ways to identify and access partnership value. Additional partnership types supported by Vantage include:


Partnerships with specialized digital and data companies (AI, blockchain, big data analytics, et al)


Partnerships with academic counterparts — including universities and teaching/research hospitals


Partnerships with related healthcare industry entities — e.g., public and private payers, hospitals, and local community providers

Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

Partnerships between Life Sciences companies and contract service providers that manage clinical trials

Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO)

Partnerships between Life Sciences companies and contract third-party manufacturing providers

Alliance Impact: How We’ve Helped

Vantage Partners brings world-leading expertise derived from decades of collaboration experience in the unique biopharmaceutical and life sciences ecosystem. We support global pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device makers as well as emerging life sciences leaders and academic research institutions, guiding them at each step as they navigate the alliance and partnership lifecycle.

Vantage enabled a complex, multi-billion-dollar co-development/co-promotion oncology alliance. We operationalized 5+ governance committees; coached 4 functional alliance managers; identified key program challenges and helped mitigate them. 

As strategic PMO for a complex data and analytics partnership with potential $1B+ value, Vantage guided steering/operating committees and joint teams to proactively identify and addressed issues/risks; trained users, and executed a series of cascading communications from senior functional leaders to build buy-in.

Intervening in a crisis, Vantage facilitated the relaunch of a global EU-based pharma’s partnership with a biotech by creating a new vision of success, redesigning all aspects of the operating model, aligning upon a common vocabulary, and enhancing infrastructure, skills, and tools for collaboration.

To support a new Head of Alliance Management (AM) and establish the organization’s first AM function, we conducted a gap assessment via stakeholder interviews to identify critical needs of the AM function, developed an AM playbook, and implemented a functional growth plan that led to 2 new FTEs.

Vantage designed and implemented a Global Alliance Center of Excellence (COE) that won ASAP’s Alliance Program Excellence Award. We identified alliance management needs, defined the COE operating model, and led implementation, which included training program design and delivery.

Vantage helped to integrate a global pharma’s Alliance Management function into an acquirer’s function, capitalizing on the strengths of each group. Our 60+ alliance briefings enabled the acquirer to rapidly evaluate its new portfolio and identify pressing decisions, risks, and contractual obligations.

Our comprehensive analysis of manufacturing and supply chain management systems in the alliance context resulted in recommendations to improve quality, capacity, and efficiency. We then created mid- and long-term plans to scale production and related supply chain and quality management systems.

As our client finalized their first major alliance deal and was tasked with rapidly launching a new alliance while also building their Alliance Management (AM) function, Vantage was retained to serve as an interim Alliance Management team. Together with the Chief Business Officer, Vantage represented the organization to the partner, ensured all contractual obligations were met, and designed a launch process that enabled the partnership to rapidly begin to deliver. While doing so, Vantage assisted with created a playbook, tools, and templates, to serve as a foundation for the future function, and even assisted with hiring a full-time AM at the appropriate time.

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Since 2008, Vantage has hosted the biennial Vantage Partners Heads of Alliance Management Meeting. This two-day, invitation-only event convenes alliance function heads from Life Sciences companies and universities around the world. If you lead the alliance function at your organization and are interested in attending our next gathering, we invite you to contact us

Maximize alliance portfolio value. Build a world-class alliance management function. Be a partner of choice. Unlock what's possible with Vantage Partners.

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Practice Leaders: Ben Siddall  and Adam Kornetsky