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Human Resources

Our work focuses on increasing HR’s strategic relevance and contribution to the enterprise, aligning their human capital strategies with overall business strategies, and partnering with HR to navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of digital transformation.


As companies navigate transformational changes in the workforce, the workplace, and the very nature of work itself, we partner with HR organizations to help them increase their strategic relevance and contribution to the business and align human capital strategies with overall business strategies.

Digital transformation in particular requires HR to fundamentally change the way talent is identified, recruited, developed, and retained. HR needs to lead the enterprise in making the workplace of the future a tangible reality today, enabling an extended workforce comprising employees, contractors, gig workers, as well as the extended staff who work for suppliers, to collaborate in more agile, flexible, and empowered ways.

We also frequently work in partnership with HR teams on organizational restructuring, change management, and organizational transformation initiatives, augmenting their capabilities with an external perspective and expertise human behavior, organizational dynamics and design, and stakeholder alignment.


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