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Conference November 6-8, 2023

2023 ASAP BioPharma Conference

ASAP Biopharma 2023

This event has taken place. For more information on our experience with Life Sciences Alliances, drop us a line.



Vantage is again proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2023 ASAP BioPharma conference.

The event brings together alliance and partnering leaders from around the globe who represent prominent pharma, biotech, life science, academia, and consulting groups. Attendees are partnering senior executives, academics, and principals from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, and higher education institutions.

Vantage is proud to announce that Partner Ben Siddall and Principal Adam Kornetsky will present a Master Class: 

Alliance Launches and the First Hundred Days: Honeymoon or Hangover?

Many organizations refer to the first hundred days of a partnership as a "honeymoon period", when individuals are thrilled to have closed the deal and excited at all the promise of the collaboration. However, with new types of complex alliances emerging, an increasing number of big-pharma and small biotech alliances, and the constant pressure to do more with less, for many the start of a new alliance can feel more like a hangover.

This interactive master class will explore how alliance management can proactively plan and execute tailored launch plans for various types of alliances. The presenters will share experience from the field, and provoke questions around launch planning, execution during the first hundred days, and how to plan for success beyond the honeymoon period.

To register for this event, visit the ASAP event page: https://asapbiopharma.org/

Additionally, Adam will participate in a panel discussion:

Now's the Time: Planning for the Future of Successful Global Alliances

The time to think about and begin planning global alliances for promising new products is now. Having a global strategy in place during each stage of product development increases efficiency and enables rapid product launches across the globe to reach patients in need.
This discussion will stress the importance of having a global alliance strategy during product development and commercialization, and based on their own experience will outline some of the perils and pitfalls of deferring global planning. They will also share their predictions and projections for the future of global alliances in biopharma.


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