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Conference May 23-25, 2022

2022 SAMA Annual Conference


For almost 60 years SAMA has been the knowledge leader on managing large, complex customers.

SAMA’s Annual Conference promises an exhilarating educational experience, with sessions offering breadth, depth and a sharp focus on real-world challenges that cut across all industries. 

Vantage is pleased to be presenting this session at this year's event:

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Co-Innovation With Customers

Global competitive pressures are increasingly compounded by complex environmental, political, and social challenges.  Innovation has long been the hallmark of exceptionally successful organizations; it has now become a requirement for survival.  During this session, we will explore how leading companies are leveraging strategic customer relationships to create breakthrough innovations. Participants will leave the session with a roadmap and best practices for how they can maximize co-innovation with their own strategic accounts. 

Topics will include:

  • Research on the value of external innovation, including greater revenue growth and enhanced profitability 
  • Why and how SAMs should lead external innovation efforts
  • How SAMs can capitalize on the growing focus companies are placing on co-innovation with suppliers
  • Best practices for converting co-innovation to revenue
  • How to overcome barriers to co-innovation (including customer desires to own jointly developed innovations)

Learn more and register here:

SAMA 2022