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Back to the Future: F2F is Coming Back, but Virtual is Here to Stay

When Vantage polled more than 100 salespeople and sales executives at the height of the pandemic, fewer than one in three said they expected to return to pre-COVID levels of in-person sales activities. This means that customer-facing teams need to continue to up their virtual game, even as they learn to strike the optimal balance between virtual and in-person engagement.

“The future (of selling, of buying – of business generally) is certain to be more virtual than in the past,” write Jonathan Hughes and David Chapnick in the Winter 2021 issue of Velocity, the magazine of the Strategic Account Management Association. “But people are physical creatures, and there will always be an important role for face-to-face engagement between buyers and sellers, and between customers and suppliers. The winners will be those who can not only do both, but who get the balance right and master seamless integration of virtual and in-person interaction."

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