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Ditch the Script—and Transform Customer Experience

Automation can streamline routine customer or member service interactions, but high-stakes interactions require something an AI cannot provide: the human agent’s ability to “really connect to and understand the needs of the caller, and to do that in a way that is relational and not transactional,” explains Gabriella Salvatore in her conversation with fellow Vantage Partner Jonathan Hughes.

“The gist of it,” Jonathan says, is to “throw away the scripts — the call scripts and decision trees that for decades have guided customer service and call center staff.” In this short (under 5 minutes) video, Gabriella and Jonathan explore:

  • What Heart of Service is — and what it means to “ditch the script”
  • What happens to traditional contact center metrics such as Average Call Handle Time
  • How to recruit, train — and retain — great people for high-stakes interactions
  • The role of automation — what AI can, and can’t, do
  • The impact of Heart of Service on brand loyalty

“In a way, the holy grail of a customer-facing organization is customer loyalty,” Gabriella notes. Heart of Service helps ensure that, in high-stakes contact center interactions, customers or members experience “the opportunity to be seen and heard — and helped.”




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