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Emotion, Negotiation, and the ‘Great Resignation’: Vantage Voices

How can a tool for managing emotions during negotiations also help retain valued employees amidst “The Great Resignation”? As David Olsen explains in the latest episode of the Vantage Voices podcast series, “People want to feel appreciated. … They want clarity with regard to what their role is. And they want to feel as though their role is important in relation to the company.” David — a veteran energy industry negotiator, now chairman and senior advisor at QPC Fiber Optic in Laguna Niguel, Calif. — joins Vantage Partner Danny Ertel to discuss the versatile “Five Core Concerns” framework and how it has helped David build QPC’s culture even as the company navigated significant COVID-related challenges. Sharing their advice to early career professionals and any discerning, attentive ears along the way, Danny and David underscore why it’s so critical, whether in a negotiation or a workplace, to treat every counterpart “like a valued human being.”


The Interviewer: Danny Ertel is a Partner at Vantage Partners, where his work centers on developing and implementing strategies that leverage enhanced collaboration across internal organizational boundaries and with external partners.

The Guest: David Olsen is chairman and senior advisor at QPC Fiber Optic in Laguna Niguel, Calif., which makes products for use in harsh environments. Prior to QPC, Olsen served for 15 years as the lead commercial negotiator on several multibillion-dollar international projects, concluding a four-decade career in a variety of engineering and executive roles at a global energy company.

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