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The Alliance Maturity Model - A Useful Tool to Evaluate Your Organization's Alliance Management Capability

Companies increasingly rely on alliances to drive value for their organizations. Recognition that alliances can bolster bottom lines has led to growth — both in size and complexity — of organizations’ alliance portfolios. In order to maximize the value of these strategic portfolios, organizations must develop robust alliance management capabilities that enable the success of individual alliances as well as the portfolio as a whole.

For more than a decade, Vantage has worked extensively with clients to help build out their alliance management capabilities. This process of evolving the organizational approach to alliance management is understandably unique for each company and the decision of when and how to invest in developing capability can depend on a multitude of factors (e.g., industry dynamics, changes in the competitive landscape, alliance number and value). Nevertheless, clients often want to know what a “mature” alliance management capability looks like for their organization and how they can develop the necessary elements behind that capability.

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