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Creating a Well-Being Culture

Leaders understand that well-being of their organization and the well-being of their people are inextricably linked. Research shows that high engagement results in more efficient and productive workers and increases employee retention. Fostering a culture of health enables your employees to be the best versions of themselves, to be happier, and to be to perform to their full potential. 

Vantage's training empowers leaders at all levels to build and sustain a culture of well-being. Our seasoned training professionals guide participants through a step-by-step curriculum based on the blueprint established in A Cure for the Common Company, by Dr. Richard Safeer.

We offer two versions of this program: a 'train the trainer' curriculum, which prepares managers to implement the program among their team, and a direct-to-employee classroom training taught by one of our wellness training experts.

Additionally, there is a self-paced elearning module available here.

Learn how Vantage can create a well-being culture in your organization!

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Dr. Safeer explains:

Praise for A Cure for the Common Company 

Dr. Safeer provides a thoughtful blueprint for fostering a workplace well-being culture. A timely and critical priority for all leaders.

Janet Foutty

Executive Chair of the Board, Deloitte US

Great Place to Work has measured trust by surveying over 100 million working people over the last 30 years. Without trust there is no engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, or happiness. In this book, Richard Safeer has made the case for well-being in the workplace that’s built on a foundation of trust. It’s packed with great examples and suggestions that will create not only a thriving workplace full of happy and healthy employees, but one that boasts higher retention and financial success.

Michael C. Bush

CEO, Great Place to Work

This book is one of the best business blueprints that wellness practitioners and champions can use to drive a culture of well-being and health at work. Leadership throughout the organization, from the CEO to the front line supervisors, should be required to read the book and be properly trained to deliver on the blueprint.

Chuck Gillespie

CEO, National Wellness Institute

Dr. Safeer offers a compelling and science-based prescription for enriching organizational culture and boosting individual flourishing.

Daniel H. Pink

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Regret, Drive, and When

    About Vantage Partners Training 

    Vantage helps organizations unleash the potential of their people to think more expansively, collaborate more effectively, and execute more efficiently — for measurable results.

    The content of our training is based on our thought leadership in many areas, combined with the best thinking from other experts. Our approach to delivery is highly experiential: We create learning environments where participants confront and challenge entrenched ways of thinking and have opportunities to build new skills through exercises and simulations that reflect actual business realities.

    Our instructors are based around the globe and come from diverse cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds. They’re united by their ability to tailor learning to individual client contexts and participant learning needs.

    Vantage Leadership Development

    Collaborative. Practical. Global. Tailored.

    We develop holistic leaders, enabling individuals at all levels to maximize their own potential as well as that of their teams their business. Through the integration of the three dimensions of leadership, we help organizations and their people to thrive in the face of uncertainty and continuous change.

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