Vantage Partners

Vantage Partners is a global management consulting firm. We specialize in helping companies achieve breakthrough business results by transforming the way they negotiate with, and manage relationships with, key business partners. 
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Alliance Callout


By working with Vantage, companies can maximize the performance of individual alliances, put under-performing alliances back on track, and ensure coordination and optimization of their entire alliance portfolio.
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SSM Call Out

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

We specialize in procurement and supply chain transformation, category strategy development, SRM program implementation, negotiation advice, and training for procurement leaders and professionals.
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Sales Advisory

Sales and Account Management

We help sales organizations develop and implement innovative methods for negotiating and collaborating with customers.
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Enterprise Learning

We work with organizations to create and deliver highly interactive, experiential learning strategies that translate into real, measurable business results and are aimed at developing employees’ abilities in the most fundamental and critical areas of business relationship management.
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Vantage in HBR


Vantage in Harvard Business Review

HBR Guide to NegotiatingHBR Guide to Negotiating eBook by Jeff Weiss.

"How to Negotiate Better" Podcast by Jeff Weiss.


Sales study imageVantage's Pricing Study highlighted in HBR's January 2015 Issue


Recent Publications

  • Creating Alignment in Healthcare Collaborations: A Critical Challenge


    Facing growing pressure to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost, providers are increasingly looking to relationships with other organizations, both inside and outside the industry, to help them grow in new ways and operate ever more effectively and efficiently.

  • Preparing for Transition: Mitigating Pain and Navigating Uncertainties


    Every outsourcing relationship - indeed, every important long-term customer-supplier relationship - undergoes two major transitions. The first is the set of activities at the outset of a relationship where the customer and the supplier begin working together for the first time. The second comes at the end of a relationship, if the contract is not renewed or extended.

  • Shifting the Curve: A Systematic Approach to Transforming Organizational Sales Capability


    Vantage Partners recently worked with a rapidly growing software company to transform the sales teams’ value-selling capabilities to engage with customers with a more disciplined approach, drive deals to closure faster, and beat their competition.

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