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Conference April 29-May 1, 2024

2024 ASAP Global Alliance Summit


Vantage is once again a platinum sponsor this year, and also will be presenting a Master Class on Tuesday, April 30.


Building an Alliance Management Competency Model: A Focus on Negotiation, Communication, and Influence

Presented by Ben Siddall, Partner and Adam Kornetsky, Principal at Vantage Partners

The session will begin by exploring the foundational elements of effective alliance management, highlighting some of the key competencies required, then delve into the intricacies of determining which alliance management activities individuals across the organization are responsible for and what level of competency they require.

In addition, a dedicated skill-building module will focus on one of the most important competencies required: negotiation and communication. Through Vantage’s seven-element framework, all participants will be offered the opportunity to learn (or refresh) their negotiation and communication skills, as well as getting practical insights to share back with their teams.

Key questions addressed during this master class will include:

  • What might a comprehensive list of alliance management competencies look like?
  • Which competencies are most critical for an alliance manager to possess? How might that change by role or seniority?
  • In what ways can Alliance Management lead initiatives to upskill new alliance managers, as well as the broader alliance-facing team?
  • What common frameworks can be used to ensure a consistent approach to negotiation, communication, and influence?


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