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Catalyze Innovation. Reach New Markets. Accelerate Growth.

Leverage Partnerships as a Force Multiplier in Turbulent Times.

Vantage Partners works with Global 2000 companies, midmarket leaders, and start-ups to accelerate growth, outflank the competition, and navigate uncertainty by leveraging the power of partnerships. We help our clients:

  • Define hybrid growth strategies that encompass acquisitions, strategic alliances, channel partnerships, and organic growth
  • Identify the best partners, conduct partnership due diligence, launch new alliances, and accelerate partnership time to revenue
  • Establish formal alliance programs and build the capabilities required to maximize partnership success and alliance ROI 

A 360° Approach to Partnership Success

Vantage helps companies leverage the power of collaboration to accelerate innovation, enter new markets, share risks, and respond to competitive threats.

Alliance Maturity Assessment

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Partnership Maturity Model

Alliance Partnership Maturity Model

Building Blocks of Partnership Management Capability

  • Framework and process for making build/buy/ally decisions
  • Framework and process for distribution strategy planning
  • Partner typology and segmentation framework
  • Partnership account planning methodology
  • Integrated process for strategic planning, and partnership portfolio planning and review

  • Dashboard to track and compare performance and value across partnerships

  • Process for managing connections across partnerships

  • Joint business plan
  • Joint scorecard
  • Joint governance and engagement model
  • Asset ownerships and rights
  • Investment and resource contributions
  • Joint scorecard and performance review process
  • Organizational structure
  • Program Governance
  • Job definitions, roles and responsibilities
  • Training
  • IT Tools

Client Success Stories

Over the past 25 years, Vantage has worked with hundreds of leading organizations around the world on the design and implementation of partnership strategies, and to maximize value from individual alliances — generating tens of billions of dollars in new revenue.

Software-and-AnalyticsGuided a data services company in assessing whether and, if so how, to adopt a new partnership strategy that many feared could lead to disintermediation and loss of market leadership position.

Designed the go-to-market messaging and launch strategy for the new partnered solution (including business customers, and their consumers) to enable capture of new revenue primarily in the unpenetrated SMB market.

The new partnership strategy has enabled the company to grow >40% over the last three years.

High-Growth-Services-PartnershipAssisted a fast-growing, US-based technology company in defining and launching a new strategy for EMEA, which had single-digit growth over several years. The new strategy included changes in positioning and pricing, as well as the launch of a partnership program.

The new strategy has delivered 200%+ growth over two years, and EMEA is now the fastest growing division of the company.

F500-Financial-ServicesAssessed the past performance and future potential of a strategic but underperforming partnership between two Fortune 500 financial services companies.

Worked with executives inside each company, independently and then together, to develop a go-forward vision for the partnership, and advised on the contract renegotiation.

The transformation of the partnership drove hundreds of millions in incremental revenue for both companies, enhanced operations, and provided a higher-quality experience for customers.

HR-TechnologyConducted voice-of-partner assessment and used feedback to transform the partnership program for the company’s flagship product, as well as two solutions that had previously failed to capture expected market share.

Increased partner revenue from their flagship product by more than $50M in one year and enabled them to double the number of high-performing partners in their program.

Data-and-Financial-ServicesDeveloped alliance strategy, and designed and launched Enterprise Alliances organization, to enable indirect sales growth and more strategically manage complex partnerships.

Alliances now deliver more than $500MM in annual revenue, and enable an additional $400MM.

Company was awarded the ASAP Alliance Program Excellence Award.

Health-Insurance-and-ServicesDeveloped alliance strategy to accelerate growth and respond to competitive threats, and designed and launched Enterprise Alliances organization.

Achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue, and tens of millions of dollars in savings.

Company was awarded the ASAP Alliance Program Excellence Award.

Global-PharmaceuticalDesigned and implemented company’s Global Alliance Center of Excellence (COE).

Identified alliance management needs, defined COE operating model, and led implementation of COE, including design and delivery of training program.

Company was awarded the ASAP Alliance Program Excellence Award.

Insurance-and-Financial-ServicesBenchmarked and analyzed partnering capabilities.

Defined and implemented partner segmentation framework — covering suppliers, affinity partners, resellers, distributors, and joint solution development partners.

Aligned multiple business units and functions around a new organizational model, and common process and tools, for alliance formation and management.

Vantage works extensively with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and we understand the unique partnership dynamics at work in this space. Visit our Life Sciences Alliances and Partnerships page to learn more about how we think about those challenges.

Alliance and Strategic Partnerships Insights

Vantage regularly conducts benchmarking and best practices research on partnerships and alliances. Our work is published in leading journals including Harvard Business Review, Strategic Alliance Quarterly, California Management Review, Sloan Management Review, and Ivey Business Journal.

See Our Articles and Research

Integration Management

Our approach begins with alignment across leadership teams and continues with defining future state operating models. We review and refine everything from deal value drivers and integration objectives, to ways of working together and desired culture.

Integration Support

Complementary Expertise

Vantage helps organizations around the world solve their most pressing challenges and capitalize on their most significant opportunities. Our works spans multiple domains including:

  • Improving cost-competitiveness, and enhancing supply chain agility and resilience
  • Optimizing direct and indirect sales and distribution strategies
  • Increasing sales and account management performance
  • Improving operational effectiveness and cross-functional collaboration
  • Enhancing workforce performance through instructor-led training and on-demand learning solutions
  • Facilitating organizational change and transformation
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