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New Alliance Launch: An Interview with two Pharmaceutical Alliance Managers

by John Larson and Troy Windt

In 2011 Abbott and Reata Pharmaceuticals entered into a 50/50 cost and revenue sharing collaboration agreement to jointly develop and commercialize preclinical drug candidates from a set of approximately 450 molecules that Reata calls anti-inflammatory modulators (AIMs).

This deal came on the heels of a previous 2010 agreement in which Reata granted Abbott the rights to develop and commercialize Reata’s lead compound, bardoxolone methyl, outside of the United States, Japan, and certain other Asian markets. Given the alliance’s broad scope and importance to both companies, the partners decided to take a careful and structured approach to launching the new collaboration — to engage in a New Alliance Launch Process. The ultimate purpose of a New Alliance Launch Process is to ensure that a new relationship is systematically set up in a way that enables effective execution.

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