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Vantage and Kotter Partner to Enable Change

Vantage Partners and Kotter Announce Strategic Partnership to Build Leadership and Change Capabilities Globally

 Vantage Partners and Kotter today announced a strategic partnership to provide leadership training focused on navigating change and leading through turbulence. Together, Vantage and Kotter will offer learning solutions tailored for everyone from frontline staff, to middle management, to senior executives.

 “The breadth, depth, and speed of change taking place now is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it is likely to intensify further in the future,” said Rick Western, CEO of Kotter. “Organizations across the globe need adaptive and agile leaders at all levels to lead and manage complex change at scale. This partnership with Vantage greatly expands Kotter’s ability to help leaders and organizations meet the moment, regardless of language or geographic location.”

 Vantage Partners’ trainers and facilitators are located around the globe and deliver training annually to more than 12,000 individuals in over 40 countries. Vantage training programs are delivered in languages including Bahasa, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

 Kotter pioneered the science of change through over 40 years of Harvard research and real-world experience – all in service to Dr. John Kotter’s firm-founding mission: to make millions of people across the world better leaders for the benefit of billions. Fueled by this vision, Kotter’s approach is based on rigorously tested principles and a framework that has been the basis for over 24 published books.

 “Vantage and Kotter are both committed to developing leaders and enhancing organizational performance,” said Jonathan Hughes, Partner at Vantage Partners. “We are excited to partner with Kotter to combine their groundbreaking change insights and frameworks with our expertise in designing and delivering high-impact, experiential training for leaders at all levels,” added Liz Rayer, Partner at Vantage.

About Kotter

Everyone is facing the challenge of accelerating change. Kotter is a global consulting firm that helps organizations turn that challenge into an opportunity, creating a competitive advantage by building agility and adaptability. Founded by renowned Harvard professor and best-selling author, Dr. John Kotter, our approach helps organizations mobilize their people to achieve unimaginable results at unprecedented speed. The outcome: extraordinarily fast quantitative and qualitative results in efficiencies, innovation, growth, culture, digital transformation, and other areas that inherently demand change despite what often seem like impenetrable barriers.

 Learn more at www.kotterinc.com

About Vantage Partners

Navigating rapidly evolving markets and responding to disruptive competitive threats requires strategic agility.

Vantage provides consulting services and learning solutions to organizations around the world, helping them to accelerate innovation, improve execution, and enable their people to perform to their full potential. We provide training on a wide range of critical competencies including leadership, strategic thinking, negotiation, influence, and change management. Our learning solutions are grounded in the latest research on adult learning, and comprise in-person classroom training, virtual classroom training, customized simulations, on-demand digital learning, and action learning programs.

 Learn more at www.vantagepartners.com/training