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Who We Help

Our consultants and training instructors design and deliver learning solutions including on-demand training for mixed audiences, training tailored for specific functional groups, and bespoke learning journeys for intact teams.

Human Resources and Learning & Development

Massive generational changes are fundamentally altering the workforce, and digital transformation is catalyzing profound changes in the workplace and the nature of work. We partner with HR organizations to help them provide strategic leadership in the midst of these shifts, and with L&D groups to design and deliver appropriate learning solutions.

Sales & Marketing

We provide learning and training solutions that address the critical challenges Sales and Marketing groups confront: Uncovering customer needs, defining compelling customer value propositions, explaining and defending those propositions to customers, business negotiation tactics, and working effectively with other groups in the organization to define and execute successful go-to-market strategies.

Sales and Account Management Academy

Research & Development

We help R&D groups enhance their effectiveness through training focused on strategic business thinking and the ability to influence and collaborate with other functional groups and external partners. The goal: to accelerate the pace of innovation by marrying technical acumen with commercial awareness and soft skills.


By enhancing big picture thinking and creative problem-solving competencies, as well as skills for influence, persuasion, and conflict management, we enable Operations teams and individuals to lead breakthrough improvements in efficiency and risk reduction that can only be accomplished by breaking down or transcending organizational silos.

Professional Development

We provide a framework geared towards accelerating performance through authentically leading self, others, and the business.

Leadership Development

Procurement / Supply Chain Management

Procurement and supply chain groups are increasingly vital strategic partners to the enterprise. We help them build the skills necessary to be trusted advisors to their internal clients and navigate a turbulent external supply market: strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement and influence, negotiation, supplier relationship management, change management, and leadership.

Supply Management Academy

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