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Today there is a clear imperative for practical, real-world communication skills to help solve tough business challenges. 

Vantage is thrilled to carry on the Mandel legacy, delivering learning solutions based on Mandel’s world-class intellectual property — including The Mandel Blueprint® and the SCIPAB® Messaging tool.

We help develop employees to positively impact their personal growth and your organization’s success.

Presentation Skills

Businessman giving a presentation

Our presentation skills training workshops are designed to empower people to translate their best ideas into clear, compelling, and memorable presentations. Participants learn to confidently present with conviction, inspire listeners, and build trust with an audience.

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Conversation Skills

Conversation sitting

These conversation skills workshops are designed to equip teams with skills to authentically connect in the new world of work. Participants learn new ways to connect more deeply, uncover pain points, resolve problems quickly, gain consensus and reach agreement faster.

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Storytelling Skills


Storytelling workshops are designed to train professionals to embrace the power of storytelling within their presentations and communications. Participants learn to identify, craft and present meaningful stories that resonate with audiences and move them to act.

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Messaging Skills


Our messaging skills workshops are designed to train people to use an actionable framework for organizing a strategic message. Participants learn to communicate in a way that builds trust, persuades others, and connects to what their audience cares about most.

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Virtual Meeting Skills

Business people in video conference

Our virtual meeting skills workshops are designed to help your employees develop effective virtual meeting skills. Participants learn to capture attention, eliminate attendee multi-tasking, encourage interactivity and participation, and ultimately gain commitment.

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Company executive coaching personal assistant

Our coaching solutions are designed to prepare your people for their most strategic communications. We ready your sales professionals, workforce and leaders to win over their audience in high-stakes events, such as Keynotes, User Conferences, and Analyst Days.

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