Areas of Expertise

To be more effective, knowledge is necessary but insufficient; it takes a shift in mindset to effect and sustain behavioral change. Our learning and training programs focus on transforming thinking and behavior and honing real-world skills, empowering people to jointly solve problems, collaborate at new levels of effectiveness, and deliver breakthrough results.


Internally or externally negotiating an optimal agreement without sacrificing the relationship between the parties.

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Getting work done with and through others without formal authority.

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Working together to achieve what cannot be achieved alone.

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Relationship Management

Building and maintaining positive relationships with external and internal counterparts to maximize business results as a collaborative contributor, trusted advisor, and valued partner.

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Difficult Conversations and Conflict Management

Communicating effectively and embracing conflict to strengthen relationships when the topics are tough and the situation is charged.

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Matrix Management

Operating efficiently in a complex business environment with multiple reporting lines, different geographies, and competing demands.

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Navigating & Leading Change

Proactively navigating through and leading in an environment in which significant change is occurring.

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Accelerating performance through authentically leading self, others, and the business.

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Strategic & Critical Thinking

Understanding the big picture and using systems thinking to avoid common cognitive errors, solve complex problems, and achieve results.

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